drinking cream soda through variegated straws, welcoming in the affinity that will soon resonate, when we're floating on water.

A Somewhat Impetuous Owl

Watching this sterile landscape,
an owl reveals himself in my backyard.
His darkness reminds me of nothing,
So I’ll drink some green tea.
He fears that he may just drive himself mad.
The same feeling as if your feet
escaped from what the blanket could offer.
As he stares into the vacantness of his contemplation,
He brashly executes his master plan.
With great force the owl dives and soars.
A thunderous crash leaves no shattering glass.
There must be stronger owls out there,
Or we just have high quality windows.
So unsuccessful at catching his prey,
He returns to the same tree where he once pondered.
Striking again several hours later,
He’s living proof that you should probably stop
Doing something if you fuck up twice.

-Eric Egavian

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The Dreamscape Cocoon

He starts to giggle as I fall asleep.
He’s quite silly when he tugs
At the premeditation of my heart.
Without my common body and legs,
He knows I’ll be fucked in the morning.

In a roller coaster made from decorative bark and pine,
I see how the unique screams of joy in each individual
twirl and weave through this land of insane revel.
Everyone’s tall enough to undergo such magnitude
And this ride is a sleeper hit in such a world of grandeur.
There are dazzling mountains made of coffee ice cream
That never melt in such a warm climate.
It’s raining candy confetti all throughout,
But I’m too removed to eat something so yummy.
I know he loves to getaway and make me happy.
“Don’t you just want to float away?” he asks.

The dreamscape cocoon feels like the warmest water.
In this place it’s easy for me to see you when he can’t.
The love fills my waffle cone with wonder regardless.
Escapism holds it together when you and I leave
And the ice cream wants to melt.

-Eric Egavian

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Deep and Along

Issued in deep waves,
This beach becomes healthier.
I like to bury my feet in the gold,
Where I feel such prickly vibes,
And I can’t move.
My facial hair is always changing,
An attempt to be in many places at once.
It’s nice to scratch,
But you rarely get the prize.
With grasped rhythm and a kinetic smile,
My head is only as heavy as you want it to be.

-Eric Egavian

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Tanuki Life

Sometimes life will benefit reality.
Living in that suit I despise so much,
I knew the way we eat cheese makes us hungry.
You take that first bite,
Your reality changes.
It must be comparable for those young tanuki.
Living their lives,
Always partying and shapeshifting.
But you can see it in their face,
A nose that shudders out from the wind.
A lie that hides on the top of each canopy.

-Eric Egavian

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Breaking A Chair Over Your Friend’s Head

This isn’t a secret,
But rather a certainty.
I broke a chair over your friend’s head.
It was all in slow motion,
And suspended like a hammock.
Everyone saw that it wasn’t so simple.
I had to abrade the pollen out of my eyes
And see that Saturdays make us all crazy.
I’ve always gotten giddy at the prospect of a bar brawl,
But I’m already unbroken and sweating like a piston engine.
There’s that moment where everyone must choose a side.
The floor kept shattered wood,
More pungent than gasoline and oil,
This time around.
Oak and pine must have rhythm,
And in the afternoon,
You’ll pick up the pieces.
For now you lay tangled in the midst of a chair,
Hugging the dust that makes you so blue.

-Eric Egavian

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Diversion’s Prosperity

Sleeping on the floor, I once drank to a hush hush earth.
Unfiltered by blood bath society,
professors resolved to test it,
fearing that consent coupled with
so much hesitation may prove unavailability.
It’s not my house,
but I wonder, “Who will be doing the dishes?”
I don’t need to be here or there.
Similar to the way we all find being a father carries great importance,
I was nailed down by a friendly floorboard.
Gripped by majestic strength,
I realized my old toys weren’t just meditating.

Awaking on the edge of the forest, I splintered a concealed universe.
Sophisticated by glory stricken dilution,
He shined through these pines,
and the apples felt his enormous, over the top soar.
It’s not my forest,
but I wonder where all the apples will go?
I want to be here and maybe there.
Unfamiliar to the means in which I embody a canopy,
I was suspended by hospitable botany.
Hung by majestic strength,
I discovered my new allure was only lost juvenescence.

-Eric Egavian

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We Sat In The Cafe

We sat in the cafe
drinking cream soda
through variegated straws,
welcoming in the affinity
that will soon resonate,
when we’re floating on water.

It’s been calm here all day
eying through the opaque brown,
speculating reflections trapped inside bubbles
too transparent for consciousness.

Let’s please grasp the things too far out of sight,
for I’m beginning to realize how well people see.

-Eric Egavian

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